Joseph Campbell

American professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence College who sought to establish mythology as its own science of being. The Hero with a Thousand Faces lays out the archetypal journey of the hero shared by mythologies around the globe, which I called the "monomyth" with reference to what C. G. Jung called the collective unconscious.

A Bit of Wisdom for the Artist

“We are not mere mirrors of what is happening outside us, we are rather transformers of the energies of the universe. The art­ist, therefore, must train himself to know ‘things-as-they-are.’ ”
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Wanderings—Paris to Pacific Grove: 1927–1939

Thus art need not be either propagandistic for contemporary politics or indifferent to them. It is essentially another expression field for something more fundamental and deep-running than either art or politics, economics, science, society or religion.
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